Papa this isn’t the open plains. Zebras need to be on the open plains so they may frolic and graze. Zebra Stone really likes to graze and frolic.







DSCN2567Papa take me to the plains. I’m wasting away and must graze NOW!












So hungry. So very hungry.













DSCN2571┬áThis fauna is not adequate for Zebra Stone! Bring me to the plains. I don’t like to frolic in the concrete jungle.




It’s Santa Clause and his favorite jester Stone! Merry Christmas to all of my meeples.








Santa I don’t see Rudolph. You pointed to your right and told me to smile and Rudolph but I can’t find him. Who knows why Mommy decided that was a good time to take a picture.





Merry Christmas to all of my buddies and remember to track my Santa as he races all over the world.



Talk about a case of mistaken identity. I was just hanging out shaking my turkey booty to my indie kids channel on Pandora and bam it happened!













How could Papa could mistaken me for our Thanksgiving turkey? I know my roast turkey topper is quite a delectable brown but come on guys!






Papa I’m cute but I’m not really a turkey.








Papa please don’t carve me up. I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat my giblets!











Look I don’t have any stuffing. I can’t be the turkey since I don’t have any stuffing.



DSCN2319Phew I live another day. I’ve convinced Papa that the turkey he roasted is tasty then me. Now I just need to get him to carve it up because I’m starving. :)














Bad Pig stone reporting for duty. I’m ready to eat some eggs and build some buildings!


I’m busy building a leaf fort to distract the angry birds.






Now I’m cozy and hidden from the birds. Where did I put the eggs?



I really need to find those eggs.










So hungry….must find eggs.













Watch out! The angry birds are attacking. I must hide.








Woa what is going on guys! Birthday party you say? What is a birthday? Are you sure this is real? I’ve never had one before.


Notice anything different about me? Yup, after a year of wearing hats all the time I’ve figured out how to efficiently take hats off.







Presents!? There are presents! You guys really need to give me some advanced noticed when you prepare to spring this kind of news on me.


























And there is cake….Oh I love me some cake just like Papa.