Hat 45 – Don’t eat me!



Talk about a case of mistaken identity. I was just hanging out shaking my turkey booty to my indie kids channel on Pandora and bam it happened!













How could Papa could mistaken me for our Thanksgiving turkey? I know my roast turkey topper is quite a delectable brown but come on guys!






Papa I’m cute but I’m not really a turkey.








Papa please don’t carve me up. I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat my giblets!











Look I don’t have any stuffing. I can’t be the turkey since I don’t have any stuffing.



DSCN2319Phew I live another day. I’ve convinced Papa that the turkey he roasted is tasty then me. Now I just need to get him to carve it up because I’m starving. :)










One thought on “Hat 45 – Don’t eat me!

  1. awww.. sweet little turkey! Thank you for all the Thanksgiving turkey lovin’ I received during our visit…I love you Stone! Ohhhh…and good thing papa didn’t roast the baby turkey…hahaha <3

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