Teva obsession

As much of a thrift-aholic I am (I got an entire maternity wardrobe at goodwill for like $200 last year!  That would have bought like 4 things in the store! Just sayin’), it doesn’t mean I don’t like to ever buy new items. Over the years I’ve found that shoes and bags are worthy investment pieces.

Before our trip to Europe, I bought these Teva Montecitos at the recommendation of Not Martha.  She did not steer me wrong.  I did 6+ miles a day in various European cities in these sucksers.  I still wore them a lot this past winter and they’re still in great shape.



Last summer, I was desperate to buy a new clothing-related item that WASN’T maternity.  These Mandalyn wedges were the winner.  They’re one of the cheaper shoes Teva makes, but I figured I’d give them a try.  Oh, they are so comfy!  I was a little nervous with all the strappiness going on, but they don’t bind your feet at all and I don’t think I ever even got an initial blister!  I wore them a lot last summer (this and one other pair of flip-flops were pretty much all I wore.. I couldn’t risk all my high heel wedges being preggers and all).  Even to work!   They come in a bunch of colors and I’d definitely buy some more of them.


So, based on these prior successes, I decided to get these Tirras for this summer.  They look kinda clunky in the picture but on your foot they are close to elegant-strappy. (or at least that’s what I tell myself).  In the grand scheme of outdoorsy sandals, they’re downright feminine.  I’m hoping to wear them a lot this summer and as one of my primary pairs of shoes for our trip to California this fall.  The only thing I don’t like about them is adjusting the strap.  I figured out I can just leave them on one spot and pull the shoes off instead of loosening it every time.




So, Teva pretty much as me as a loyal customer now.  I’ve got a pair of brown Born boots that I really like too, but I haven’t tried anything else of theirs yet (omg expensive!).

What are your clothing brand loyalties?